Enhancing Livability in World Heritage Cities

3-6 February 2021
Éducation, Développement durable
Atelier, Conférence

Cultural heritage contributes in an important way to increase is « Enhancing Livability in World Heritage Cities – using urban Heritage to improve the quality of Life ». The role for world cities is today challenged by globalization, antropogenic climate change and social exclusion and shaped by mega trends such as urbanization, digitalization, individualization, ageing population, tourism, human rigths movements, and the transition to a fossil free economy. Cultural heritage can have a positive on social cohesion and inclusiveness. However, at the same time in world heritage cities, we can see increased segregation and gentrification. During the conference, the focus lies on how cultural heritage can be considered as enabler of social cohesion an inclusion. One topic to discuss aspects of cultural management and their relationship to sustainable development. Tangible and intangible cultural heritage are considered as vehicles for resilience, diversity and identity. Of interest are world heritage site’s experiences in relation to tourism, green heritage, climate adaption, environmental and energy aspects, urban agriculture, bio-diversity, as well as traffic and infrastructureres.

3-6 February 2021 will be specified
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