Les Rendez-vous de l’UNESCO: Mankind & Media. Rethinking the Roles in the Age of Information.

1er juillet 2021

Cycle of Conferences
What do Education, Science, Culture and Communication have in common? They are not
only UNESCO’s main pillars for its endeavors, but they also rely on the transmission of
information through different media.
The “Commission luxembourgeoise pour la coopération avec l’UNESCO” launches a
cycle of conferences devoted to an intensive discussion of
Mankind & Media. Rethinking the Roles in the Age of Information.
10 speakers from various fields of expertise examine the new opportunities and challenges
that society is facing in the highly technologized 21st century. They will cover fundamental
topics and reevaluate the roles of the human, mediatic transmission and information in the
contemporary era. The main sections on education, ethics, politics and arts discuss the
massive shift that has taken place in the relation between mankind and media: Are we
humans still the producers of information – or rather products of data processing? Do
problematic, highly mediatized contents represent a cause for the division of our society?
The talks aim to improve understanding of contemporary developments and their
consequences in order to foster understanding and improvement – critical thinking is the
basis of sustainable progress.
The conferences will take place on the following evenings at 19h @ BNL:
25.02. / 22.04. / 01.07. / 30.09. / 02.12.

1er juillet 2021 19.00h
37d Avenue John F. Kennedy, 1855 Luxembourg
Producteur/porteur du projet
Commission luxembourgeoise pour la coopération avec l'UNESCO
4, BD F.D. Roosevelt
L-2450 Luxembourg
Decker, Catherine